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  In order to ensure peace of mind for the owners /tenants/ of the property, saving their time and money, the company offers a wide range of services as well as continuous feedback on the questions which concem them and must be resolved.


1. Overall portfolio planning;
2. Intermediation during rental or purchase of the premises;
3. Representation of the owner of the property before the general meeting of the owners /in case of multi-floor property/; 
4. Contact with institutions in relation to officially prescribed checks and technical maintenance;
5. Menagement of cash flow, including organizing and reporting the spending of common funds. Control of payments;
6. Collection of rent;
7. Administration of the costs for external services;
8. Intermediation activity between the individual owners /tenants/ and the businesses which perform community-household services such as "Heat", "Electricity Distribution", "Sofia water" and others.
9. Open of individual account to the "Electricity Distribution" AD (securing of the electrical project with the necessary power, if the installed power does not meet the one specified in the project
10. Open of individual account to "Heat" AD;
11. Open of individual account to "Sofia water" AD;
12. Performance of payments due by the users of the property to "Electricity Distribution", "Water supply and sewerage", "Heat", cable operators and more..

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